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The wind is observed incidentally, yet it is anticipated through your body

‘The invisibility of the wind does not make it mysterious to the blind, for whom there is no such thing as invisibility.’

‘This morning as I came up the steps from the underpass and around the corner, it hit me. It was a beautiful, warm, scented breeze, not hot like the Australian Northerly, but full of a perfumed richness; a moving, fragrant wind. It was an unsettled wine, suggesting the break-up of a rather sultry day… I leaned into it and away from it and breathed it in. It was delightful.’

‘Can the wind mean as much to sighted people? For the sighted, to whom the world is mainly visual, an invisible phenomena like the wind is only observed incidentally, it is one of many things which one notices in passing.
The wind itself, as felt byt he body, is only one of the ways in which sighted people experience a windy day. The blind person entres into the windiness of the day at first hand.’
Whereas sighted people are used to knowing where things go and where things come from. It is more exciting for the blind when there is some anticipiation given by the wind: ‘the distant tossing of trees across the park.; it comes like a wave rolling across a beach. Now it breaks upon my body…’

p.108 Touching the Rock, John Hull