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Preserving dignity

John Hull calculates how giving simple directions works with some people but not with all
What degree of freedom will this sighted person allow me?
Will this person find ways of letting me preserve as much independence and dignity as possible?

p.112 Touching the Rock, John Hull

The Power of Powerlessness

Following a chapter about being treated as a lesser person in conversation, in a sense being marginalised. John Hull then writes about how in some situations your are unintentionally also the centre of attention.

It is so hard to find an intermediate way, that is, somewhere between being ignored and being the centre of attnention. It is so hard to be a normal person when one is not a normal person. It is also hard to avoid the situation whch arises when, because of one’s very powerlessness, one does have a kind of power of people. The disabled person tends to render other people powerless.

To judge the right use of this power is an important part of learning to be a disabled person.

p.106 Touching The Rock, John Hull