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Unpredictable structure (navigation)

Whereas a staircase is a predictable structure, when there are unexpected, numerous unusual obstacles, realigining yourself with the original route – maintaining in your mind a map showing all these angles – becomes very difficult. The danger not being that you will walk into a parked car, but that you will get lost.

p.103 Touching The Rock, John Hull

Control during navigation; accepting help

‘I lose my independence as soon as I accept my friend’s company.’ ‘I am being towed, moving at a faster pace than would normally be possible.’
Having a conversation means you cannot devote yourself to your route the concentration that it would normally require.

‘A sighted person cannot simply accept my company. Through no fault of his own, he has by walking with me, deprived me of my independence. Through no fault of my own, I have sacrificed my independence for the sake of his company. He then becomes responsible for me.’

By accepting help you become more dependent, yet this is not the ordinary state when navigating.

p.100 Touching the Rock, John Hull