I am passive in the presence of that which accosts me.

‘The sighted person can choose whom he wants to speak to.’ People ‘have a presence prior to his greeting them, and he can choose whether to turn that presence into a relationship by addressing his acquaintance’. ‘When you are blind, a hand suddenly grabs you. A voice suddenly addresses you.’ ‘There is no anticipation or preparation. There is no hiding around the corner.’

p.95 Touching The Rock, John Hull

Body / Time / Consistency

The deaf measure time by seeing movement. Gazing out upon a world of no movement there is a quality of permanence, static consistency.

In losing this kind of awareness of space, blind people have less awareness of unchangeability. The world of the blind is more ephemeral, since sounds come and go.

Position is measured by time. Although when being guided by someone else you receive fewer clues as to your position, time can often be enough to tell you where you are.

p.93 John Hull, Touching The Rock

The world which greets me is active, I am passive.

On stimulations; I have no power to explore them. I cannot penetrate them or discover them without their active cooperation. They must utter their voice, their sound.
It is thus a world which comes to me, which springs into life for me, which has no existence apart from its life towards me.

p.83 John Hull, Touching the Rock

Expanse of vision dependent on expanse of sound feedback

It was an astonishingly varied and rich panorama of movement, music and information. It was a world of activity.

Where nothing was happening, there was silence. That little part of the world then died, disappeared.

The rockery, the pavilion, the skyline of high-rise flats, the flagpoles over the cricket ground, none of this is really there. The world of happenings, of  movement and conflict, that is there.

p.82 John Hull Touching The Rock

Task, Time and Technology

You are no longer fighting against the clock but against the task. You no longer think of the time it takes. You only think of what you have to do. I cannot be done any faster. Time, against which you previously fought, becomes simply the stream of consciousness within which you act.

Modern technology seeks to expand human space and compress human time.

précis: it is in this time of high technology [1984] that the space-time coordinates become gradually different from the lives of sighted people.

SK: Is this still the case? is technology now not on the catch-up where it is resolving solutions for blind people.

p.80 John Hull Touching The Rock

A decrease in space and an increase in time

Knowledge of the route depends on maintaining the same speed. The measured pace, the calm concentration, .. all this must be conducted at the same controlled pace.

The simplicity, the careeful planning, the long-term preparation, the deliberateness with which the blind person must live, all this means that he cannot take advantage of time by suddenly harvesting a whole lot of it.

Perhaps all severe disabilities lead to a decrease in space and an increase in time.

p.79 John Hull Touching The Rock