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Observations with potential sensory feedback

Air density

When I walked from the platform of Lancaster Gate station up to the lift I passed through three distinct air qualities, that of the platform, then the stairwell, and then corridor.
I was able to appreciate how the thickness of the air processed as smell told me a lot about the nature and size of the space.
March 2013

The world which greets me is active, I am passive.

On stimulations; I have no power to explore them. I cannot penetrate them or discover them without their active cooperation. They must utter their voice, their sound.
It is thus a world which comes to me, which springs into life for me, which has no existence apart from its life towards me.

p.83 John Hull, Touching the Rock

Expanse of vision dependent on expanse of sound feedback

It was an astonishingly varied and rich panorama of movement, music and information. It was a world of activity.

Where nothing was happening, there was silence. That little part of the world then died, disappeared.

The rockery, the pavilion, the skyline of high-rise flats, the flagpoles over the cricket ground, none of this is really there. The world of happenings, of  movement and conflict, that is there.

p.82 John Hull Touching The Rock

Sight is an anticipatory sense, can desire through image be reproduced another way?

One feels hungry, but once one sees the food the desire for that food becomes greater than the hunger. One’s sense of smell and taste are occupied with the anticipation of the perceived food. The anticipation of satisfied hunger replaces hunger itself.

Blindness dislocates this primordial union of desire and image. I am often bored by food.

précis from p.49 John Hull Touching The Rock


p.29 John Hull, Touching the Rock

Rain has a way of bringing out the contours of everything, it throws a colourful blanket over previously invisible things;

instead of an intermittent and thus fragmented world, the steadily falling rain creates continuity of acoustic experience.

The rain presents the fullness of an entire situation all at once, not merely remembered, not in anticipation, but actually and now. The rain gives a sense of perspective and of the actual relationships of one part of the world to another.

…the world which is veiled until I touch it, has suddenyl disclosed itself to me.