Seeing with your fingers. Moving without a spare hand

‘If you want to explain to a blind person what it would be like for a sighted person to go blind… put full tumblers of water into both of his hands and tell him to take them into the dining room.’

‘A blind person with a full glass in each hand is equivalent to a sighted person blindfolded with a full glass in each hand.’
‘To obtain insight into the manoeuvrability problems of anohter mode of cognition it is not enough to delete the faculty most immediately affected (in our case, sight). One must allow the ramifications of this mode be experiences by deleting a second sense (touch) showing how the nature of the second sense, and its usefulness whitin the mode as a whole, undergoes a change.’

‘As long as the blind person has one free hand, he sees with that hand.’

p.109 Touching The Rock, John Hull

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